Stair Lifts

You shouldn’t feel trapped on one floor – enjoy freedom throughout your whole home with a stair lift. Our Home Accessibility contractor can install a stair lift so you can easily get up and down stairs without worrying about falling.

Pinnacle Stair Lift

The Pinnacle stair lift is the narrowest in the industry at only 11″ wide when the footrest and seat are folded. It’s also the lightest unit on the market – the entire system weighs only 180 lbs installed. The seat swivels at the upper landing for easy and safe entry and exit. Other features include: easy operating controls and indicator lights; helical worm gear drive system for a smooth ride; operable in a power outage up to 40 trips; comfortable seat with height adjustment; safety sensors that will stop the lift if it meets an obstruction; no greases or lubricants so it’s easy to keep clean; 350 lb capacity; 20-40 average number of trips per charge; and a 3-year warranty on components, 10 years on gear rack, and 1 year on batteries.

Alpine Stair Lift

The Alpine stair lift is the more simple model of the two choices of stair chair lifts. It has a proven rack and pinion drive system with a soft start and stop. The average number of trips per charge is 10-20 and the DC Drive will even run during power interruptions. Other features include: an aesthetic track; finished floor mounts; integrated charging base; upholstered seat and armrest, and folding footrest; comes with two wireless remote controls; pre-mounted on a 19″ track section; service-friendly, two-piece chassis cover design; easy access to a manual back-up; 300 lb capacity; and 3-year warranty on components, 1-year on batteries.



Stair lifts are a private pay item and cannot be covered by insurance.