Scott Russell earns top certification to become an Assistive Technology Professional


Scott Russell, Assistive Technology Professional

REDWOOD FALLS, MN (November 23, 2015) – Rice Home Medical is pleased to announce that Scott Russell has recently passed his certification exam to become an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP). The ATP certification recognizes demonstrated competence in evaluating and assessing the needs of consumers with disabilities, assisting in the selection of appropriate assistive technology for the consumer’s needs, and providing training and implementation for the customer and caregivers in the use of the selected device.

To earn his ATP, Russell had to complete 3,000 hours of work experience, 20 hours of assistive technology related training and education, and pass a comprehensive exam.

Russell has over two years of experience with Rice Home Medical as a Rehab Specialist fitting and configuring mobility equipment for customers. He is registered with the National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers as a professional who offers quality care and service to provide wheelchairs and seated positioning systems for people of all ages and diagnoses.

“Scott has been an important part of growing the Rehab Department in Redwood Falls and the surrounding area,” Briana Mumme, Rice Home Medical Branch Manager, stated. “With his new credential of ATP, Rice Home Medical will be able to provide more advanced quality mobility equipment for all customers, in all areas. We are looking forward to the growth of these services in the future.”

Russell adds, “I’m excited to work with such a great group of people and continue the tradition of excellent service provided by Rice Home Medical.”

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