If you are in need of a product short-term, rental might be your best option. We provide rentals on scooters, ramps, wheelchairs, and portable oxygen concentrators.


Scooter rental pricing varies by scooter size. The smallest scooter up to a 250 lb weight capacity starts at $20/day.


Aluminum wheelchair ramps can be rented for $11.50/ft. + $25/platform per month. They are easy to install and no building permit is required.


Manual wheelchairs can be rented on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Options include basic, extra wide, and bariatric. They can be folded for convenient travel and storage.

Oxygen Concentrators

Portable oxygen concentrators are available for rental on a monthly basis. They are lightweight at only 4 pounds, and are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved to take on airplanes.



Insurance coverage should always be verified with one of Rice Home Medical’s customer service representatives. Some insurances may cover equipment rentals. Eligibility can vary by policy plan.