Orthopedic braces can help with healing an injury, decreasing pain, and providing stabilization after surgery or a fracture. Our full line of orthopedic braces includes ankle, arm, back, calf, cervical, elbow, foot, hand, hip, knee, leg, lumbar, shoulder, spine, thigh, and wrist bracing as well as fracture bracing and walking boots.

Ankle/Foot Braces

Get back on your feet with ankle and foot braces. Ankle braces are designed to support and control rotation and are used for minor strains and sprains. Foot splints are common for post-surgery, post-trauma, and casted leg fractures. Splints are also common for treatment of plantar fasciitis by stretching the plantar fascia for a prolonged length of time, typically at night. Walking boots provide comfort and compliance to promote healing after an injury.

Arm/Elbow/Hand/Wrist Braces

From controlled range of motion, to compression, to stabilization and support…the arm, elbow, hand, and wrist braces have you covered. Wrist braces are available in options like wrist immobilization, rigid thumb stay, radial thumb stay, adjustable thumb support, and wrist stabilization without limiting thumb rotation. Elbow braces, sleeves, and straps can provide either a fixed or controlled range of motion, focused compression for tennis and golfer’s elbow, stabilize fractures, tendon, or ligament repairs, and controlled immobilization for strains and sprains.

Back/Lumbar/Spine/Cervical Braces

Back and spine bracing ranges from post-operative support to stabilization to acute low-back pain. Severe types of back and lumbar supports are available and have multiple applications depending on the need. They can provide light compression for discomfort or extra support for those on their feet or bending frequently during the day. More advanced braces can provide compression, support and stability for patients recovering from surgery or injury. Spine braces with motion restriction create a dynamic environment for healing while cervical collars immobilize the cervical spine. Braces are also available to progress with you during your recovery and care.

Calf/Knee/Leg/Thigh Braces

ACL, PCL and other knee injuries are common among athletes and require specialized bracing needs. Rice Home Medical carries knee braces for advanced support for ligament tears & instabilities and patellofemoral knee braces for patellar support & stabilization. Soft knee supports can help for a variety of mild knee conditions, and adjustable knee braces can help with mild to moderate ligament & meniscal injuries and instabilities. There are various braces from controlled range of motion to immobilizer braces for post-surgery users.

Hip Braces

Hip braces provide comfort and support during post-operative hip rehabilitation. Common examples of use are after hip arthroscopy, hamstring repairs, hip labral repair and resection, hip capsulotomy, and femular acetabular impingement (FAI). A range-of-motion hinge and a unique waist compression lacing system gives patients an easy “one-handed pull” to offer additional back support.

Shoulder Braces

Recover from injury, trauma, or surgery comfortably. Shoulder braces, abductors, immobilizers and arm slings are available for your recovery period.

Fracture Bracing

These braces provide protection, correction and stabilization for injured bones. A humeral fracture brace allows a physician to reduce a humeral fracture without surgery. And a splint cast brace is an all-in-one fracture brace that treats injuries that are difficult to cast while stabilizing fractures on either side of the hand and wrist.



Insurance coverage should always be verified with one of Rice Home Medical’s customer service representatives. Eligibility can vary by policy plan.

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