Door Openers

Opening doors can be especially challenging if you are wheelchair bound. Automatic door openers can easily open the door with a push of a button and can be installed by our Home Accessibility contractor.

Automatic Door Opener

To install an automatic door opener for the home, no modification is needed of the door or jambs and the hardware is plugged right into a regular 115 vac wall outlet. Virtually maintenance free, it also has a one year limited warranty. Automatic door openers can be for the right or left hand and can be changed in a matter of minutes. If the door meets an obstruction during the opening cycle, the friction clutch will slip, timeout and close. It has a low profile, auto close feature, and a thermally protected drive motor. The door hold-open time frame can be adjusted anywhere from 0 – 30 seconds.



Automatic door openers are a private pay item and cannot be covered by insurance.