Ceiling and Mobility Device Lifts

A ceiling lift can be safely and easily operated by a single caregiver to transfer the user from a bed, a chair, toilet, bath, etc. in a safe, dignified and comfortable way. It can be installed by our Home Accessibility contractor.

Transport a power wheelchair or scooter with a mobility device lift installed on or in  your vehicle by one of our technicians.

Fixed Ceiling Lift

The track for a fixed ceiling patient lift can be installed in one room or throughout the home. A full set of standard features on the ceiling lift include: waterproof pneumatic controls; digital LCD display indicating number of lifts, battery levels  and lift status; on-board controls; auto shut-off; emergency stop and power lowering; emergency manual raising or lowering; manual or power traversing; at least 7″ of additional lifting height; quick lifting speed; simple maintenance; easy to charge batteries; audible low battery indicator and return to charge option.

Standard ceiling lifts have up to 450 lb lifting capacity; bariatric ceiling lifts have up to 1,000 lb lifting capacity.

Mobility Device Lifts for Vehicles

Choose from outside auto mobility device lifts, inside auto mobility device lifts, or hybrid platform mobility device lifts.

Outside auto mobility device lifts can carry virtually all scooters with a wheelbase up to 42″ and virtually all power chairs. They have an automatic hold down foot, manual crank backup, license plate mount, and swing away options. They also come with a 3-year warranty and a 400 lb lifting capacity.

Inside auto mobility device lifts can stow a power chair or scooter inside a van, truck, or SUV. Only 30″ of headroom is required because of the extremely adjustable base and boom. The fully powered lifting and rotation system makes for effortless loading and the offset post allows the mobility device to be safely unloaded on the side of the vehicle. Other features include: weather-resistant hand control, docking device, powered boom with additional 12″ reach, 400 lb. lifting capacity, and a 3-year warranty.

Hybrid platform mobility device lifts have a drive-on, drive-off convenience for power chairs and scooters. It’s compact design is ideal for SUV’s and smaller crossovers and allows the continued use of second-row seating. No drilling is required in most vehicles and other features include: manual crank backup, weatherproof remote hand control, up to 350 lb lifting capacity, and a 3-year warranty.



Insurance coverage should always be verified with one of Rice Home Medical’s customer service representatives. Eligibility can vary by policy plan.

Medicare coverage for patient lifts can be found here: