Complex Rehabilitation

With over 25+ years of experience in the industry, Rice Home Medical provides individually-configured manual and power wheelchair systems and other complex rehabilitation equipment to enhance quality of life while ensuring safety and functionality. We we offer equipment evaluations (power chairs and custom manual chairs) with you and your therapist to ensure you get the most appropriate piece of equipment for your needs.

Our Complex Rehabilitation staff is comprised of a comprehensive team of Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP), reimbursement specialists, certified repair technicians for all repairs, and more. We are here to work with you from start to finish.

Power Wheelchairs

For individuals who are unable to propel a manual wheelchair and need positioning support, power wheelchairs offer the most freedom. Because we use multiple manufacturers, you have access to over 30 different series of power wheelchairs, including standing, eye-level, and pediatric options, making certain that you get the wheelchair that fits best.

Manual Wheelchairs

For individuals who are unable to use a standard manual wheelchair, needs positioning support, and a more light-weight wheelchair, we offer a variety of adult and pediatric wheelchairs with rehab seating, if needed.

Custom Complex Wheelchairs

If the options of a regular wheelchair don’t fit your needs, our ATPs can assess your requirements and deliver a custom-made wheelchair to fit your specific needs.

Custom Bath Chairs

To provide postural support, stability, and securing while bathing, bath chairs can be set up into various positions depending on the unique requirements.

Standing Frames

The ability to stand aids in improving circulation, bowel and bladder control, mood, and bone density. Standers come with sit-to-stand and supine-to-stand options and are available in several sizes, with many different accessories and adjustability features. Both pediatric and adult standers are available.

Gait Trainers/Walkers

The perfect mobility tool for children and young adults who need postural support and assistance to walk independently. Easy to maneuver and transport, the body is kept upright and a natural gait pattern is possible. Gait trainers come in many styles and every child or adult requires a different size with different accessories.

Adaptive Car Seats

Transfer of passengers is easier and safer with shell sides, positioning pads, and swing-away features. Models can accommodate 20-130 pounds and up to 66″ in height.

Additional Equipment

  • Tilt-n-Space
  • Feeder seats
  • Reverse walkers
  • Strollers
  • Vehicle lifts
  • Home accessibility
  • Cushions
  • Positioning systems
  • Head and chest supports



Insurance coverage should always be verified with one of Rice Home Medical’s customer service representatives. Eligibility can vary by policy plan. Our Rice Home Medical Complex Rehabilitation Department will work directly with your insurance company to obtain the necessary documentation for payment.