Walk Aids

If you have trouble walking completely unassisted but are not in need of a wheelchair or scooter, there are a variety of walking aids available to suit you. Walkers, canes, rolling walkers, and transport chairs will improve your mobility and safety while still allowing you to keep your independence and get around on your own.

Canes and Walkers

To help with the balance and steadiness, a cane or walker can greatly improve your freedom & mobility. Canes are generally used when there is pain or weakness on one side of the body that makes it hard to walk or balance. Canes come in several functionality levels:

  • Standard canes have non-skid rubber tips to provide basic stability
  • Quad canes with four feet allow for great weight-bearing and stability than single-point canes and can stand up on their own.
  • Foldable canes like the HurryCane are our most popular canes. HurryCanes fold out instantly, and have a pivoting base for better stability. It stands on its own and has a comfort-fit handle. Fold it up and take it on the go!

Walkers help give support to those unsteady on their feet. They are height-adjustable and have easy push-button mechanisms to fold for storage or transport. The type of cane or walker that is best for you depends on several things including strength, balance, and fitness level.

Rolling Walkers (Rollators)

Designed similarly to standard walkers, rolling walkers also provide a padded seat for whenever you need a rest. Rolling walkers have a variety of heights from 18″, 20″, 22″, and 24″ according to your height. Other features include: 8″ wheels, an under seat pouch, hand brakes, and a flip up back.

Rolling Walker/Transport Chair

A lightweight rolling walker and transport chair all in one! Sit down and ride in a transport chair or stand up and walk along to get more exercise. Featuring height-adjustable push grips, strong carrying handles, lockable footrests, and folding functions for easy transport.



Insurance coverage should always be verified with one of Rice Home Medical’s customer service representatives. Eligibility can vary by policy plan.

Medicare coverage for walk aids can be found here: