Rice Home Medical has several different types of oxygen therapy systems available to meet the unique needs of our respiratory customers. We have trained respiratory therapists and specialists on staff to work with your primary medical care team to identify the proper equipment for your specific needs. Overnight oximetry services are also available, with results provided directly to your physician. And with any of our respiratory products, our emergency oxygen services team is on call 24/7.

Home Concentrators

If you are using compressed gas tanks, your tanks can be filled at home rather than delivered with an in-home filling system. Pulse dose is delivered up to 6 LPM, and continuous flow up to 2 LPM. There are a variety of tank sizes available for portable use.

For those with continuous flow needs, and that are not using compressed gas tanks, the stationary concentrator can deliver a continuous flow of 1 to 10 LPM.

High flow home oxygen concentrators are also available. They are designed to be the most reliable 10 liter oxygen machine available for those with high flow needs. It delivers up to 10 LPM on continuous flow and has highly durable casters that withstand rigorous usage.


Portable concentrators keep you on the go! This lightweight concentrator weighs in at 4 pounds, is Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved to take on airplanes, and is AC and DC adaptable. It can deliver a pulse dose up to 6 LPM and a continuous flow up to 3 LPM.

Tank Delivery

Rice Home Medical has oxygen tank delivery to those in our area of service. Call to find out if you qualify for our tank delivery service!


Keep track of your oxygen saturation levels with a finger pulse oximeter. The Oxi-Go is a lightweight, inexpensive monitor ideal for use during physical and high-altitude activities.


Portable oxygen concentrators are available for rental on a monthly basis.



Insurance coverage should always be verified with one of Rice Home Medical’s customer service representatives. Eligibility can vary by policy plan.

Medicare coverage for oxygen can be found here:


Emergency Needs

If an emergency should arrive with your oxygen equipment, we have staff available 24/7 for service. Please call 1.800.637.7795 and follow the prompts if you would need emergency assistance after-hours for your oxygen equipment.

If you are in need of immediate medical treatment – DIAL 911.